Defrosting and disinfection of industrial refrigeration systems

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Defrosting of cold rooms, refrigeration systems, condensers, evaporators.

APP Groupe brings its skills to the person in charge of the cold chain in your company, supermarkets, fresh or frozen food departments, cold units in kitchens and laboratories.

In this highly regulated and frequently controlled sector, APP Groupe guarantees a global defrosting of the refrigeration system to help you preserve the cold chain, maintain a healthy environment near the stored foodstuffs (bacteria, legionella) and thus enable you to adopt an ecological behaviour by reducing the electrical consumption of your refrigeration units.

Our defrosting process with the use of products that comply with European standards allows us to issue a certificate of execution of the work in accordance with the HACCP methodology.

Our areas of intervention: Commercial refrigeration (refrigerated stores and display cases, frozen containers, wine cellars, positive, negative and growth cold rooms, food laboratories, shelving, ice cube machines). Industrial refrigeration (refrigeration stations, iso-thermal design, refrigeration units).

APP Groupe can set up an air quality control accompanied by surface sampling before and after defrosting services. This operation allows to validate the best detergent and disinfection procedure for the refrigerated surface.

Defrosting : standards

  • For the cold rooms
  • For refrigeration systems
  • Periodic defrosting of refrigeration installations is an indispensable operation