Administrative offices,
logistics centres, communities

Even if it should go unnoticed on your company premises, aeraulics is part of your daily routine.
The distribution of air conditioning in your offices, the suction and controlled home ventilation,
are the essential components of your aeraulic system.

A system that must remain discreet both on an aesthetically and olfactory level.

Désinfection systèmes aérauliques milieu Tertiaire

Therefore, be vigilant in the care and maintenance of your aeraulic systems,
so that the atmosphere in which you work on a daily basis remains healthy and pleasant,
free of all pathogenic particles, dust-free, soundproof and odourless.

APP Groupe carries out all the treatment operations for INDOOR air ventilation systems,
video, micro-bacteriological and particle control, decontamination, cleaning and disinfection,
whatever your field of industrial activity, in France and Italy.