Degreasing and disinfection of extraction systems, catering

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Degreasing of kitchen hoods, ducts and extraction engines

APP Groupe advises the person in charge in the application of the HACCP methodology for the quality of your establishment, restaurant kitchen, company canteen, in schools or in a community.

In this highly regulated and frequently controlled sector of activity, APP Groupe provides you with the guarantee of professional and efficient degreasing (extractors, hoods, ducts, filters, hatches and work surfaces) so that your establishment continues to comply with HACCP health standards, the Labour Code and fire standards.

APP Groupe uses degreasing products for the food-processing industry certified to European standards and allows the delivery of a certificate of execution of the work in accordance with the HACCP methodology.

Our sectors of intervention : industrial kitchens, collective kitchens, hospitals, catering.

You are experiencing problems with extraction and suction ?

Our engineers and technicians can intervene to calculate extraction rates using various appropriate methods: Official Method (RSD), cooking surface method, frontal velocity method, VDI 2052 method.


  • A perfect food hygiene (absence of fatty residues staining the food).
  • The safety against fire risks (absence of combustible fats).
  • The longevity of your installation.
  • The optimisation of the operation of your installation.
  • Energy savings.
  • A visual and olfactory comfort.
  • The compliance with the regulations in force.
  • The maintenance of working conditions for your employees in compliance with the Labour Code, with periodic maintenance of the installations.

APP GROUPE advises regular degreasing of your equipment in accordance with your sector of activity.

Regulation concerning kitchen extraction systems

  • Cooking and reheating appliances must be regularly maintained and kept in good working order.
  • All appliances and their accessories must be delivered with a French language manual by the manufacturer and supplied by the installer. It must contain installation and routine maintenance instructions, and a checklist of the items required for proper operation of the system.
  • At least once a year, the exhaust ducts must be swept and checked for emptiness.
  • During periods of activity, the cooking and reheating appliances, the contaminted air, vapour and grease extraction system, including any fans and heat recovery units, must be cleaned whenever necessary.
  • The filters should be cleaned or replaced as often as necessary, and in any case at least once a week.
  • A maintenance logbook in which the operator is required to note the dates of checks and maintenance operations carried out on the installations and equipment referred to above, must be appended to the establishment’s safety register.