Ecological water treatment


In the industry, the food industry, the problem of limestone is real.

Because of limestone, the maintenance of equipment and the massive use of chemical products are required, circuit blockings are frequent, the proliferation of bacteria and corrosion are part of the recurring problems with risks for Public Health and a negative impact on the environment.

The easy-to-install ®ACQUAPROCESS method uses a proven ultra-low frequency induction system (U.L.F. Ultra Low Frequency) that modifies the calcite properties of the water.

This unique concept will allow the elimination of limestone, the destruction of biofilm and the weakening of bacteria, while leaving the water with the essential elements (calcium, iron, mineral salts, magnesium) we need.

The ®ACQUAPROCESS system allows a natural, preventive and curative treatment of the water cicuits.


How the
®ACQUAPROCESS process works


The advantages of the ®ACQUAPROCESS method

The solutions proposed by the ®ACQUAPROCESS system bring together all the ingredients in favor of the environment, ecological solutions for the benefit of Industrials, Communities and individuals for significant energy savings in the field of water and hydrocarbons.

Public or private swimming pools, artificial lakes, collective buildings, housing, boilers… the ®ACQUAPROCESS U.L.F. (Ultra Low Frequency) generator becomes the healthy and ecological solution that allows to reduce chemical consumption by 50 to 70%.

After installation without modification of the existing system, the generator allows to send variable signals in frequency and power and transmits this energy to the water thanks to an inductor, thus modifying the calcite properties of the water.

Avantages du procédé ACQUAPROCESS